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-We take care of you, we take care of the planet:
At the Hotel we are working to lessen our impact on the environmentally and reduce our environmental footprint. All our accommodations have achieved Bioscore environmental certification, demonstrating our work for sustainability and the protection of the planet. 

We need your collaboration to continue protecting the place where we live and therefore, below, we show you some actions and tips for you to enjoy a more sustainable stay and help us to make your holidays just as magical, but with a lower environmental impact. Thank you for your collaboration!

  • Save paper. Check in online: Each person consumes around 50 kilos of paper per year. In Spain alone, this amount is equivalent to four 12-metre high trees. Help us to take care of the planet by checking in online, avoid queues and get to your room faster!  


  • Keep the planet clean. Recycle: With a simple gesture like recycling a soda can, you get enough energy to watch 3 hours of TV. Recycle whenever you can to reduce your environmental footprint.

  • Ask for your reusable cup: More than 70% of single-use plastic ends up in oceans and landfills. We are eliminating single-use plastics and offer you reusable and biodegradable cups. Ask for them and help us reduce plastic consumption.
  • In buffets and restaurants, zero waste. Taste without wasting: According to the UN, every year 931 million tonnes of food, about 20% of the total food available to consumers, goes to waste. Eat what you like, without wasting food. At our buffets, serve yourself only what you are going to eat. Savour your holiday and help us reduce food waste.
  • Refresh yourself and help us reduce plastic. Osmosis filtered water: Plastic in bottled water has a big impact on the environment. For every kilogram of plastic that is manufactured from scratch, about 3.5 kg of CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere. We provide you with osmosis filtered water fountains so that you can refresh yourself while taking care of the planet.

  • Make the most of natural light. Save energy: An LED bulb can save up to 90% of electricity. Please remember to turn the light on only when necessary and turn it off (remove the card) when leaving the room.
  • Reduce towel cleaning and pollution: Follow these simple instructions: -Towels in the bathtub: I want them changed - Towels hanging: I will use them again.
  • Don''t waste water: Approximately 5 to 10 litres per minute end up in the drain. With gestures such as taking a shower instead of a bath or turning off the tap when brushing your teeth, you consume up to 30 litres less per day.
  • Every drop counts: The toilet is made up of a push button with different buttons that flush more or less water depending on your needs. Pressing the smallest flushes 3 litres and pressing the largest flushes 6 litres. This is a great saving compared to older systems that discharged up to 12 litres. Please use the system correctly and help to protect the planet.
  • Minimise air conditioning consumption: Greenhouse gas emissions related to air conditioning exceed 1250 million tonnes every year. Only turn on the air if it is necessary (in summer, at least 27ºC and in winter at 19ºC). Help us to reduce this figure and remember to switch off the light and air conditioning when leaving the room.

  • Electric chargers: Did you know that an electric car emits around 80% less CO2 than a combustion car? We are committed to the environmentally friendly environment and will soon have chargers for electric vehicles.