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How do I get back something I have lost?

Have you lost an object and don''t know how to get it back? 

If you have lost or forgotten any of your belongings during your stay, click HERE. 

If the object was found during your stay in the establishment, the service staff will return it immediately.

If you have left the establishment, the service staff will do their best to send the lost item to the address you indicate on the platform. 

Below is a brief explanation of how to retrieve a LOST SOMETHING in our accommodation:

Search for your lost something

In order to register click on "I have lost an object".
Fill in the fields including as much information as possible to help us identify it (photos, specific characteristics, markings, stains, scratches, etc.). Tell us the date and where you lost it. In the last step, add your contact details so that we can notify you.


We register the objects found

All objects located in our accommodations will be registered on the platform.

The usual timeframe is between 1 day and 1 week. Occasionally, we locate objects outside this time and it is possible that they delay their management.

We send you an email if we find matches

After registering the items on the platform, the system will detect if there is a match with your lost item. If you receive a matching email, once you have confirmed it, click on the "Proceed to shipping" button and fill in the form to process it.

It is possible to choose the option of "hand collection" at the RECEPTION desk of the accommodation. 

Do you have any questions?

Contact: +34 965 85 16 54