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MAGIC COSTA BLANCA is highly committed to the relaxation and enjoyment of its customers in the different establishments of the Group.                           

The establishment seeks the best possible stay for all its customers and maintains a zero tolerance policy in the event of non-compliance with the required standards of decorum and coexistence.

Pursuant to the provisions of article 21 of Decree 75/2015, of 15 May, of the Consell, which regulates hotel establishments in the Valencian Community, the establishment reserves the right of admission and stay in the event of non-compliance by customers of the rules that may disrupt coexistence, or put at risk the safety or physical integrity of other customers or hotel staff.

The management of the establishment shall consider as sufficient cause for termination of the accommodation contract and eviction from the establishment any disturbance of coexistence such as: violent attitudes, disturbance of other customers or service staff, public scandal and exhibitionism, carrying weapons or objects likely to be used as such, consumption of drugs, narcotics or psychotropic substances, drunkenness, damage to the facilities, scandal, noise that provokes complaints from other users and disturbs their peace and privacy, or the improper use of hotel equipment to move between rooms, including the practice known as "balconing" or any other similar practice.

The termination of the accommodation contract shall entail the obligation to leave the establishment immediately, the blocking of the room and the loss of the reservation without the right to a refund of the price corresponding to the period of stay not enjoyed.