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The richness and variety of the Benidorm cuisine has been achieved thanks to the influences from  our ancestors and other civilizations that  have inspired the local recipes.

So, international cuisine, culinary traditions inherited from the Arabs, the legacy of the marine merchants, not to mention the typical cuisine of the fishermen and from the interior of the region offer an extraordinary list of specialties.

Red mullet and pumpkin rice, traditional fish casserole, rice with anchovies and spinach, or the “pebrot” are some of its typical dishes, whilst for something sweet, filled pastries  coca, the sweet potato cakes and the San Blas cake.

Another option that Benidorm offers is to go for tapas, a Spanish custom for eating informally and with plenty of variety. The town has a wide rang of bars and pubs that serve tapas & pinchos “canapés” to accompany a good wine

In addition, Benidorm celebrates numerous gastronomic events that allow you to try the best of the local gastronomy at great prices: The annual calendar for discerning gourmets features events such as the Hot Dishes Week, Tapas and Pintxos Competition, The Gastronomy Week and the Rice Dishes Week.